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Local companies can become a household name with Outdoor Advertising

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Alliance Media recently exhibited at the URA TOP 1000 SME TAX PAYERS EXHIBITION in Uganda. 
We are proud to have been invited to exhibit as a strong taxpayer in Uganda. 

“Many visitors showed interest in our business and were curious as to how we could help their businesses grow”. 
The constant interest confirms that OOH (Out Of Home advertising) is still a leader in the Ugandan media space. 

“Most companies aspire to have their brand/products on a billboard. OOH is seen as an advertising tool that can 
propel SME’s to the next level. 

Local brands want to become a household name in Uganda; they want people to think of their brand when they 
think of a refreshing drink rather than that of bigger global brands”. Billboard Advertising offers smaller brands 
credibility and awareness they need when their business is growing. A well placed billboard allows businesses 
to capture their target audience day after day, month after month, influencing their next purchasing decision. 

OOH is also evolving with the digital age but traditional static OOH is still seen as the best to
most marketers, advertisers and business owners. If you are looking to make your brand a household name, 
contact me today at cmbage@alliancemedia.com or call +256 414 531 182.


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